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Tactyx were an internationally comprised band based in Edinburgh, Scotland Playing what was termed at that time, (Late 70´s early 80´s) as progressive music with influences from Todd Rundgren, Focus and Camel as well as Manfred Mann and Kate Bush.
The band members were
Hugh Cowan - Lead
Dave Connelly - Keyboards / Piano
Jonny Cruikshank - Bass
Roni Alexander - Vocals
Jerome Marion - Cello / Piano Ed Henry - Drums

With guest appearances from Steve Allan - Keyboards)

Due to the kindness of a great jazz musician, Francis Cowan, the band rehearsed in the ardmillan area of Edinburgh and recorded at castle sound Studios, Pencaitland, Midlothian.


The Androids were an Edinburgh Based progressive New Wave band based in Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland. The band toured extensively throughout the UK in the late 70´s and recorded at CaVa Studios in Glasgow, Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh and both recorded and played live on Radio for Chris John, (Radio Forth) and John Peel

The band members were
Craig Herbertson - Vocals / Guitar
Kenny Dalgliesh - Bass
Dave Connelly - Keyboards
Nicky Arkless - Drums
Mike Robertson - Lead / Vocals
Iain Brown - Sound and Lighting Engineer

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